The US-NATO Military Crusade against Syria and Iran

The US-NATO Military Crusade on Syria and Iran

Michel Chossudovsky (Editor)

Global Research News and Analysis

June 27, 2012

American-led imperialism has evolved from bloody bouts of episodic militarism over several decades to the present day state of permanent belligerence, with wars or war-making stretching from North and East Africa into the Middle East and Central Asia and beyond to Eurasia, the Far East and the Arctic. Of most immediate concern are the ongoing American-led war plans within the broader Middle East/Central Asian region involving coordinated actions against Iran, Syria and Pakistan.

We are living in an era hallmarked by “The Globalization of War” conducted by the very states that proclaim to be defenders of democratic rights and international law.

The chief protagonist of this globalized war is the United States of America. The US, along with its allies in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), Britain, France, Canada and Germany among others, as well as an array of proxies – such as the Persian Gulf Arab states – is now emboldened to strike militarily in any region of the world.

War preparations to attack Syria and Iran have been in “an advanced state of readiness” for several years.

US, NATO and Israeli military planners have outlined the contours of a “humanitarian” military campaign, in which Turkey (the second largest military force inside NATO) would play a central role.

We are at dangerous crossroads. Were a US-NATO military operation to be launched against Syria or Iran, the broader Middle East Central Asian region extending from North Africa and the Eastern Mediterranean to the Afghanistan-Pakistan border with China would be engulfed in the turmoil of an extended regional war.

In the face of blatant media disinformation, a “Re-Learning Process” must be launched, which focuses both on the background and history of US led wars as well as on recent developments including US, NATO  and Israeli war plans directed against  Iran and Syria.

This selection of articles prepared by Global Research purports to dispel the daily flow of media distortion, which presents war as a humanitarian undertaking.

This collection consists of  three previously published I-Books (PART I), each of which contains 30 or more chapters on different dimensions of the US led War in the Middle East and Beyond. For the most recent news reports and analysis scroll down to Part II and III, respectively on Syria and Iran.

via The US-NATO Military Crusade against Syria and Iran.

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